All volunteer positions have been filled! Thank you so much for making this a true night to remember!

All volunteers must attend the Mandatory Training on May 22.

Details will be emailed once you register to volunteer.

This is definitely going to be A Night to Remember!

When you volunteer at an ANTR prom, you get as much out of it as our honored guests. Our volunteers, year-over-year return to volunteer because of the impact it made on their lives. A mandatory training will be required before the event.

Junior High students wanting to volunteer must be accompanied by and volunteer with an adult or guardian over the age of 18.

Positions Available

Communications (Pre-event) – FULL
You will be helping us where needed before the event starts. Help us stay organized, do data entry if needed and help where needed.

Fashion – FULL
Help create a dress shop for our Honored Guests by helping them shop for dresses, set up and tear down.

Food & Beverage – FULL
Help serve our Honored Guests by helping them with their food and drinks, all while replenishing the food tables when needed.

General Volunteer Support – FULL
This is the volunteer of all volunteers. Our general volunteers are open and willing to help wherever they are needed, from registration to cleaning, you are our go-to volunteer for everything and anything.

Hair and Makeup (professional skill is required) – FULL
Help do hair and makeup on the day of the event at the event location. Please bring all the supplies needed for your station. A few volunteers will also be needed to help with crowd control and cleanup in this area.

Paparazzi Pit Crew – FULL
Be the life of the party as our Honored Guests come walking down the red carpet. This position will cheer and celebrate our Honored Guests as they come from the limo, walk down the red carpet and enter their prom.

Parking – FULL
Help direct traffic for our honored guests and their parents, students hosts, volunteers, limos and key personnel. Your direction will help keep the night running smoothly.

Party Bus – FULL
Let’s start the celebration a bit early as our honored guests arrive in style. Be prepared to make sure that all guests are seated safely and secured.

Photo Booth Support – FULL
You will help stage, set up and assist our Honored Guests in taking photos at the many different photo booths around the prom.

Photographer (experience and personal gear is required) – FULL
We need a plethora of photographers to capture the night. We need photographers for our red carpet, at the photo booths, at our step and repeat and roaming throughout the event.

Seamstress (experience is required) – FULL
The dress seamstress will help with light dress alterations during the dress shopping day on May 12. Must have own sewing machine and thread. Dress pins will be provided.

Set Up – FULL
Join us in getting the night ready. We need people that want to help set up the prom for our Honored Guests.

Swag Bag – FULL
Help assemble swag bags on Wednesday, May 24 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. A few volunteers will also be needed to help distribute the bags to the guests at the end of the night on June 3.

Tear Down – FULL
Once the partying stops, it is time to clean up and tear down. Help assist our team in getting everything packed away, cleaned up and put away.

Videographer (experience and personal gear is required) – FULL
Help capture the event through video. Roam throughout the night to capture b-roll for us to develop a re-cap video of the prom.